Websight, R.I.P.
OK, it was no WiReD, but maybe Websight wasn't quite as obscure as you think. Here are some quotes from people we considered Internet industry leaders circa 1996. Naturally, they're all worth millions today. Three of their companies went public and one was purchased by AOL. Meanwhile, after two short years, Websight went belly up. Of course, considering our three largest competitiors also eventually perished (CMP's NetGuide, IDG's The Web and Ziff-Davis' Yahoo Internet Life), I suppose we have the dubious honor of being the world's most cost-effective Net Mag failure.

"Professionally, I made the journey from traditional entertainment to proprietary online services to the Internet. This is how the general public is now moving. The Web and online communities are becoming a key part of the entertainment landscape and Websight covers it for real people -- consumers, not techies."
  -- Scott Kurnit, founder and CEO of About.com

"Cyberspace is a big place. With communities located not only on the main highways, but also on side streets, dirt roads and back alleys, I rely on Websight magazine as my trusty roadmap."
  -- David Bohnett, founder and former CEO of GeoCities

"Websight magazine is the only publication in the industry that truly recognizes the Web's awesome power as a two-way entertainment medium. Websight seems to understand that everyone isn't only interested in technology."
  -- Scott Zakarin, creator of The Spot (Cool Site of the Year, 1998).

"Websight may very well be the magazine that lures the rest of the world onto the Web."
  -- Sky Dayton, founder and Chairman of EarthLink Network.

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